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Consider a handcrafted portrait. A well made portrait of a loved one, treasured pet, or favorite place will become an heirloom that lasts forever. Jeff Hile has been drawing and painting portraits for over 30 years with a wide variety of media. You can rest assured that he will work with you to make a successful rendition of any subject you select.
Acrylic Painted Portraits:
A good size is 16"X20" for one or two persons, and 24"X30" for two or three people (or a child and her dog, or a boy and his snowmobile, etc). Acrylic paint has become a long lasting, stable medium for painting, outperforming oil paint in many if not all applications.
Colored Pencil Portraits: Pencil drawings generally work better at a slightly smaller scale - you can add about 6 inches to the dimensions of the drawing for matting and framing. Most examples shown were drawn on sheets of archival quality paper. A reasonable maximum size for a pencil drawing is 22"X30" before mat and frame.
Acrylic Pricing:
16"X20" - $250
24"X30" - $300
(Add $100 per additional subject or detailed background.
Colored Pencil Pricing:
Any simple subject up to 9"X12" - $100
13"X17" - $200
22"X30" - $300
(Add $75 to $100 per additional subject or detailed background depending on complexity.)